History of Avalon
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Stores in The Victoria Area
  • Deep Cove Market
  • Fairfield Market
  • Lifestyles on Douglas
  • Peppers Foods
  • Stadacona Food Market
  • Willows Village Market
  • Market on Yates
  • Market on Millstream
  • Mount Douglas Market
  • Niagara Grocery

    In Duncan
  • The Community Farm Store

    In Chemainus
  • Chemainus Health Food

    In Ladysmith
  • Ladysmith Health Food

  • In Nanaimo
  • Charlie Brown’s
  • Old City Organics
  • Island Naturals

    Mayne Island
  • Farm Gate Store
  • True Value Grocery

    Pender Island
  • Medecine Beach Market
  • Southridge Farm Market

    Saltspring Island
  • Country Grocer
  • Saltspring Natureworks

    In Tofino
  • Green Soul Organics
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    Salt Spring Dairy Service Established in 1990
    Wholesale distributors for Avalon Certified Organic Dairy products - Soya Nova Tofu - Certified organic and non-genetically modified - serving southern Vancouver Island, Saltspring and the Gulf Islands, including organic milk, organic cheese, organic yogurt and eggs as well as sour cream. A wide selection of ice cream novelties, Some specialty items such as juice, seasonal egg nog, cream and whipping cream.


    AvalonOrganicDairy.com is the place to finding a reliable source of original Avalon Organic milk products produced in British Colunmbia Canada. It is through this website Avalon Organic Dairy dot com that you can access the most up-to-date on-line dairy service providing you with a 24 hour ordering option through BCOrganicDairy.com We service Salt Spring Island, the Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island and distribute throughout British Columbia, Canada with specialty items shipped world-wide! For over 20 years we've carried everything from Avalon organic milk to their cheeses, eggs, yogurt, ice cream, juice, egg nog, cream, whipping cream, sour cream and even organic chocolate milk!

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